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Submit Your Lighting Plans

Let us help you with your project and save money!

The Lighting professionals at Lighting, Inc. are eager to help you in the design of a lighting scheme for your entire project. These projects might include:

  • Lighting for your new home under construction.
  • Lighting for your renovation project.
  • Lighting for your home addition.

Our customers find great value in our providing the following design services:

  • Send us your architectural plans and schedules (via Courier or FAX) along with a fully refundable** $350 design fee.
  • We will study your plans and develop a pricing and delivery schedule for the plans. Your lighting plan will be priced very competitively because you are ordering in volume.
  • We may make suggestions for possible alternative lighting and budget solutions.
  • We will send you a proposal and detailed listing of items for your lighting plan.
  • Upon your acceptance of our design and delivery plan, we will arrange for payment and order your lighting accessories.

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**The $350 Design Fee is fully refundable and credited toward your purchase from Lighting, Inc