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Tired of haphazard internet shopping? Lighting Inc. invites you to “See It. Touch It. And Take It Home”. No more guessing, broken items, or return shipping charges. At Lighting Inc. you have the luxury of a trained lighting professional to help you make the correct choice. There’s also a huge selection of lighting fixtures in a multitude of finishes and important items that you might not think about such as bulbs, dimmers, and other accessories.

So while most of us shop the internet because of the convenience, it’s actually much more useful to come into a full-service lighting showroom. It’s quite difficult to make critical decisions about color and scale – and next to impossible to judge light levels without actually seeing the quality of the illumination. Ceiling height, room size, even paint color can have an effect on the final purchase decision.

There’s a tremendous comfort in knowing that Lighting Inc. guarantees your satisfaction. We provide expertise on installation and you can always call us for questions, concerns, and installation advice. We want you to achieve great lighting results so you will come back to us again and again.

Finally, Internet Minimum Allowable Price (IMAP) policies have leveled the playing field on price between Lighting Inc. and internet retailers. In fact, you may find that non-advertised pricing in our showroom is lower than what you will find online.

Next time you are in the area, stop in and see for yourself.